Adventure Kids Night Light (Rocket, Train & Dinosaur)

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The perfect LED night light for boys.

This Adventure Night Light features:

  • Rocket, Train & Dinosaur swappable designs 
  • Remote Control to change colours
  • Motion Sensor 
  • Auto Off 
  • Advanced Dimmer 
  • Sleep Mode (on all night)
  • Reading Light 
  • Calming Rainbow Mode
  • AA Battery & USB mains powered
  • Cold Safe LED's
  • Safe low 5V 
  • Safe red light colour options 

Why choose a Madel Night Light?

Madel takes the pain out of bedtimes, creating a peaceful and happy environment, as children will actually want to go to bed, and will want to stay there. 

The first thing you’ll notice is how much your child loves the remote, where they can magically change the colour and brightness of their light. Then the Child Calming Rainbow display will calm them to a restful state.

You can read books using the White Reading Light, and the handy Auto-off Timer allows you to create a bedtime routine.

Once off, the Motion Sensor gives an extra level of comfort throughout the night by lighting up for a few minutes when your child waves at the light, or if you enter the room to check on them. 

If you prefer you can leave the light on all night by using the Sleep Mode where our ultra low level of light was carefully designed and tested to ensure just enough light is omitted so your child can make out objects in their bedroom, without it being too bright. It will seem very dim at first, but once their eyes adjust to the darkness it will be perfect. 

Madel recommends setting the colour of the night light to redorange, or warm yellow when in Sleep Mode which can improve sleep quality, while blue and green hues signal daytime, and can disrupt sleep patterns. Click here to read more about this (the link will open in a new window).

Each light includes a long 1.5m cord that plugs into your readily available USB sockets such as your spare mobile wall chargers, power boards, power banks or USB wall sockets.  We'd like to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimise environmental impact so are proud to have designed our light to utilise your pre-existing plugs and sockets.

Our packaging is also recyclable, while the product flat packs into a sturdy compact box to ensure no excess packaging and shipping materials are required.

    What's in the box?
    • 1 x MADEL® Swappable Rocket design
    • 1 x MADEL® Swappable Dinosaur design
    • 1 x MADEL® Swappable Train design
    • 1 x MADEL® Night Light Base
      (Mains powered and AA Battery compatible - batteries last 3-5 days)
    • 1 x MADEL® Multifunction Remote Control
    • 1 x 1.5m Micro USB cord 
    • 1 x Instruction booklet
    • 1 x Microfibre cloth