A motion sensing night light

The Madel can either stay on all night or turn off automatically - activating its motion sensor.  When the light detects motion, it will fade on for a few minutes, before turning back off. This has incredible benefits for the whole family.

For a child who sleeps in the dark, if they wake and are scared, or have lost their comforter or toy, they can self-sooth by making their light come on all by themselves. This means they can very simply be taught to calm themselves back to sleep, reducing anxiety which helps to minimise the need to wake mummy and daddy in the middle of the night. 

For a toilet trained toddler or young child, the light will come on as they sit up in bed - softly illuminating their room to create a safe and secure environment for them to get out of bed and use the bathroom. This reduces anxiety, and may help to combat bedwetting.

For a parent, a motion sensing light will turn on as they enter the room, enabling you to check in on your child without tripping over toys, flicking loud lamp switches, or turning on bright lights! 

Finally, you can also deactivate the motion sensor should you wish the Madel to stay off all night.