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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Madel Night Light

I thought night lights were bad for kids?

What colour is the light?

What's Sleep Mode?

How does the Motion Sensor work?

Is the Reading Light really bright enough to read by?

Can you change the 30min Auto-Off Timer to another time?

Why is Red and White missing from the Child Calming Rainbow sequence?

How many levels of brightness are there?

How do I plug my light into mains power?

Does it work on batteries and how long would they last?

Is the light rechargeable?

Can you use batteries and plug the light in at the same time?



What's in the box?

Safety Features

How durable is the light?


Which shipping company do you use?

Where do you ship from?

How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?

Can I track my parcel?

Do you ship outside of Australia?

Warranty and Returns

Warranty & Returns

30 Day money-back guarantee

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