Australian Designed Kids Night Lights that help your child to love bedtimes, stay in their own bed, & conquer their fear of the dark.

Each pack includes 3 interchangeable designs + cute remote control to change colours and settings




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Madel Night Lights featured in these media outlets



As featured in

Madel Night Lights featured in these media outlets


What's Madel's secret?

The Madel Night Light gives you the flexibility to either enjoy comforting soft light all night, or to sleep in darkness with the added reassurance of a motion sensor to activate the lamp when needed. 

"My daughter Anna is loving her night light... with the motion sensor function when she wakes up in the night she can wave and wake up her fairy to watch over her... it's making our night's way more relaxed" 
Aaron Black (see Reviews page for full review) 
12 Colours
Use the remote to change colours. Select from Pink, Soft Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Soft Blue, Aqua, Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and White.
Sleep Mode
The light can lower down to a soft gentle glow and will stay on all night to provide safe continual comfort in any colour.
30min Auto off with Motion Sensor
Turns the light off automatically after 30mins, activating the motion sensor for continual overnight comfort when needed.
Child Calming Rainbow
Gently and slowly fades through all the colours providing a calming and peaceful environment.
Advanced Dimmer
Provides 8 levels of brightness in all colours.
Reading Light
Perfect for reading, the Madel includes pure white reading LED’s to ensure a brighter pure white.
Power Supply
The night light can be mains powered or battery powered (3 x AA).
Natalie Herman Sleep Consultant
Baby & Child Sleep Consultant
Natalie Herman
“As a Child Sleep Consultant, I am very particular about what I let my daughter interact with at bedtime. The Madel really relaxes her and I love watching her face light up each night as she watches the colours. I recommend the Madel to my clients, it works.”

Margo Wratton Occupational Therapist For Every Child

Paediatric Occupational Therapist
Margo Wratten
"As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, I have been recommending the Madel Night Light to clients as part of a sleep time strategy and the results have been extremely positive. I also utilise them on my own three and five year old sons, and we love them."

The Madel will revolutionise your family’s bedtimes from the very first night...

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